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Renew overview - Collagen stimulators overview

Introduction to collagen stimulators

As our skin ages, the natural loss of collagen leads to thinner and structurally weakened skin. In the face, the result can be a loss of volume and the development of facial depressions. Collagen stimulators may help with adding volume to depressed areas, particularly to correct skin depressions. They are used to renew skin thickness and firmness and to correct shallow to deep wrinkles and folds. As with any aesthetic treatment, the decision to use collagen stimulators should be made in consultation with a registered healthcare practitioner. 

Why treat?
Close-up of woman holding her face, in relation to collagen stimulators

Why collagen stimulators?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and can be found in our bones, muscles, skin and tendons. As we age, the production of collagen in our bodies decreases. Over time, this leads to loose and saggy skin and the formation of facial wrinkles and folds. Collagen stimulators are an aesthetic treatment used to increase skin volume by activating the skin’s ability to produce collagen, restoring the skin’s structure and renewing firmness.

Treatment areas


Collagen stimulators are used to bring volume and firmness to areas of the face that have become loose and saggy. Suitable treatment areas may include hollow cheeks or temples, nasolabial folds or ‘smile lines’ (the lines running between the mouth and the chin), and marionette lines (the lines running from the mouth to the chin).

Renew Treatment Areas
Marionett lines
Chin wrinkles
Smile lines
Renew Treatment Areas
Chin wrinkles
Marionett lines
Smile lines
The treatment
Woman’s cheek and lower face, in relation to collagen stimulators

The treatment

Collagen stimulators are prescription-only medicines which under Australian law must be administered by registered health practitioners. If you are unsure whether a particular practitioner is registered in Australia, you can check the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency website.

Collagen stimulators are typically injected in the deep layers of the skin to stimulate its own collagen production.Three treatment sessions are typically recommended over the course of a few months. Depending on the product used, the area injected, and the patient involved, results may last for more than two years. 

Immediately after each treatment session, patients may experience a degree of swelling which will temporarily reduce wrinkles and folds. The gradual process of collagen replacement then starts. Results will be gradually seen over a few months. Collagen stimulators tend to work subtly, gradually renewing skin thickness and firmness and correcting shallow to deep wrinkles and folds.

As with all medicines, collagen stimulators can cause side effects. Your registered healthcare practitioner should inform you of these potential risks, as well as any side effects and contraindications prior to treatment. You should also ask to see the Patient Information leaflet and Aftercare brochure provided to practitioners. Please note that the information on this website does not in any way replace the professional advice of the treating healthcare practitioner.

How it works
Woman and man working in lab

The science behind

Collagen stimulators contain a biodegradable substance that, when injected in the deeper layers of the skin, helps stimulate the skin’s own natural collagen production. The skin’s inner structure is improved.

Collagen stimulators increase skin volume and firmness and reduce shallow to deep wrinkles and folds. The below gallery shows examples of how patients appeared before and after treatment with collagen stimulators.

Before & After

Before Hillary_Durham_BEFORE
After Hillary_Durham_AFTER
  • Collagen stimulator: cheeks, smile lines  and chin.
  • Individual results may vary.
Before Sanne_Friis_BEFORE
After Sanne_Friis_AFTER
  • Collagen stimulator: cheeks, smile lines and chin.
  • Individual results may vary.


Depending on the product used, a series of three treatment sessions over the course of a few months may be needed. The number of injections at each session will vary, depending on the degree of correction needed and the treatment plan determined by you and your healthcare practitioner.

As with any injection, some pain at the treatment site is possible, but your healthcare practitioner may use a topical anesthetic to ease any discomfort. 

Collagen stimulators produce gradual results. Immediately after each treatment session, patients may experience a degree of swelling which will temporarily reduce wrinkles and folds A few days after treatment, you may look as you did before treatment. This is normal and temporary. The gradual process of collagen replacement then starts.  Collagen stimulators are usually delivered as part of a regime of treatments over the course of a few months.

In the days following your treatment, keep a few things in mind for swift healing and optimized results:

Cold pack: A cold pack or ice pack will help reduce any swelling. Within the first 24 hours of treatment, apply a cloth-wrapped cold pack to the treated area for a few minutes at a time. Never apply ice directly to the skin.

Facial massage: Massage the treated area for five minutes five times a day for five days after treatment, as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.

Avoid sunlight: After treatment, excessive sunlight and UV lamp exposure should be avoided until any initial swelling and redness go away. Your healthcare practitioner will provide guidelines on sunscreen protection and how to avoid excessive sunlight.

If there are no complications, you may apply makeup several hours after treatment. Be sure to consult your healthcare practitioner after treatment.

Common side effects from collagen stimulator treatments include pain at the treatment area, redness, bruising, tenderness, itching and lumps, bleeding or swelling. Small bumps in the deeper layers of the skin can sometimes be noticeable when pressing on the treated area. Larger lumps, with or without inflammation, have also been reported. Common side effects usually resolve spontaneously within 2 to 7 days. Other, more serious side effects can occur. If you are experiencing side effects, talk to your healthcare practitioner.

Other treatment options
Aesthetics science provides a range of treatments to help individuals address skin ageing and facial imbalances, as well as to create unique looks. A variety of dermal fillers allow aesthetic practitioners to refine facial features and to fill lines and wrinkles. Meanwhile anti-wrinkle injections, skin hydration boosters and collagen stimulators may be used to address the signs of skin and facial ageing.
Close-up of woman in relation to anti-wrinkle treatments


Anti-wrinkle injections may be used to relax the muscles of the face and reduce the prominence of lines and wrinkles. 

Close-up of woman in relation to dermal fillers


Dermal fillers may be used to refine facial features by lifting and shaping contours, filling lines and wrinkles, and creating volume 
Close-up of woman in relation to skin hydration boosters


Skin hydration boosters may be used to refresh the skin from within, increasing skin hydration, improving elasticity, and reducing fine lines.